Those Zune Phone rumours continue

Those Zune Phone rumours continue There’s perhaps only one word to describe the constant rumours swirling around Windows Mobile 7 and the Zune Phone – “Juicy”. Following our earlier “Windows Mobile Fight Back” story, there’s now even more evidence for a supposed “Zune Phone” or the possibility of a Zune-like UI in Windows Mobile 7. The Zune Team in the USA looking for a Hardware Engineer with “cell-phone 2G and 3G technology” knowledge. Meanwhile, here in the UK, there’s a Marketing job in the Entertainment and Devices Devision for someone to “drive European licensing in digital music”.

Putting the pieces together yet? We certainly are. Perhaps those rumours of a Zune Phone or “Zune-like” UI are about to get mashed into a mobile. At the very least it looks like Microsoft are working on making the Zune service availale outside the USA. Perhaps Windows Mobile as we currently know it is about to undergo a full reboot. We’ll certainly see soon enough.

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