HTC Supersonic – Now unblurred

HTC Supersonic   Now unblurred

Remember that HTC Supersonic? Remember how blurry the pictures were? Well, feast your eyes on this new, un-blurred picture of HTC’s next super-powerful Andorid phone. Featuring the HD2’s screen size, Snapdragon processor and thin body, the Supersonic looks to be headed to Sprint, adding a WiMax radio and AMOLED screen to the HD2’s already impressive specsheet. It looks like HTC has opted for four touch-sensitive buttons below the screen, resulting in a casing arguably more attractive than the HD2’s.

Rumoured specs also include FM Radio, a 5 Megapixel camera with flash, a built-in kickstand (rather like the one on the HD2’s extended battery), a CDMA radio, and Google’s latest and greatest version of Android, 2.1, with HTC’s ubiquitous SenseUI (android version, of course) running on top. Stay tuned for more details as we get them


EDIT: Oh, and what’s that? A render’s just appeared? Click on to see it


Links – (page in Russian)Engadget article

HTC Supersonic   Now unblurred


Just to note, there’s always a chance this is a render done by an HTC fanboy, but it does seem to match up with what we already know. In other words, it looks promising, but don’t go remortgaging your house just yet.