Microsoft at MWC – Just what will happen?

Microsoft at MWC   Just what will happen? Steve Ballmer mentioned Windows Mobile in his keynote address at CES last week. Sure, that mention was the fantastically brilliant HTC HD2 and it’s arrival into the USA, but…. that was it. The tech world logically assumed that the “big” Windows Mobile 7 announcement would be at the Mobile World Congress but now rumours are circulating that 6.5.3 will be announced instead and today betanews has been asked to clarify a report which assumed that 7 would be announced at MWC. The article states..

“Based on the information we received today, it is clear that Microsoft is not comfortable with Betanews — or anyone else — referring to the subject of next month’s discussion as Windows Mobile 7.”

The internet is always a good place to find rumours, and sorting fact from fiction is becoming a little difficult at the moment, but we’re becoming a little worried. Yes, the HD2 is fantastic. Yes, HTC TouchFLO / Sense is magnificent but Microsoft need to do something. When reviewers are looking at the HD2 and stating that it “thankfully hides the ugly 6.5 OS” and when Android is developing at such a fast pace, Microsoft need to urgently stop the rot.