Windows Mobile 6.6 due to launch in Feb?

Windows Mobile 6.6 due to launch in Feb? Next month is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and, following the fairly quiet Windows Mobile showing at CES, it’s been universally assumed that Windows Mobile 7 would get launched at the European event between February 15th and 18th.

However… DigiTimes is now reporting that Windows Mobile 6.6 (which we’ve never heard of – what happened to 6.5.3?) will be arriving on handsets and therefore it’s now suspected that this will be announced instead.

There’s further murmours (following some rather strange unsubstantiated gossip earlier this week) that Windows Mobile 7 will be delayed, but again there’s no real concrete evidence of this as yet.

Update – We really think that this story is probably related to Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and the report has got confused.

Link – DigiTimes
Credit – Dave Shaw

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