Robbie Bach reveals more on Windows Mobile 7

Robbie Bach reveals more on Windows Mobile 7 Robbie Bach is President of the Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft and, along with Mindy Mount (ahem) held a Financial Analyst Briefing last week at CES. The boys from have gone through the transcript and picked out some meaty sections involving Windows Mobile 7. Robbie Bach about the timing of Windows Mobile 7 he states that…

“I have the luxury of having seen it, to be able to look at it and played with it a little bit, but I’m certainly confident people are going to see it as something that’s differentiated and something that really does move the bar forward, not in an evolutionary way from where we are today, but it’s something that feels, looks, acts and performs completely different.”

It also seems that Microsoft are taking more of an active role in their market approach, comparing how Apple and Google (with the Nexus One) sell handsets…

“hey’re participating more heavily in the go to market that’s driving consumer demand. And what that means is more volume for the products that are getting the marketing spent. It’s not a crazy idea. So, that’s an additional muscle we have to build. That’s why we launched the Windows Phone brand.”

Read the whole Word document here.

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