Nexus One suffers customer complaints

Nexus One suffers customer complaints Google launched their Nexus One handset just last week and it received widespread news coverage. However, since the launch something else has been in the press – complaints and confusion. Although HTC make the handset, the support is to be handled by Google themselves and, like many webmasters will already know, Google aren’t the best at real-people responses. Google are doing email and forum-only support, with many owners finding the lack of instant response a new and annoying experience.

Many complaints are coming in about 3G reception, plus there’s other concerns about conflicting information being given by others in the forums. T-Mobile and HTC are also having to deal with frustrated owners who are having problems with the phone, only to be referred to Google for email-only responses that can take a number of days.

Update – T-Mobile USA have now posted an item in their own forums about the 3G issues..

Link – BBC News