Nexus One could be headed to T-Mo UK and 3 UK

Nexus One could be headed to T Mo UK and 3 UK Total Telecom is reporting the the Nexus One handset will actually be available on several networks here in the UK. Vodafone was initially reported as carrying the device here but now there’s news that T-Mobile UK and 3 UK are in negotiations to support the handset from “Spring 2010”. A T-Mobile spokesman stated that..

“We are in talks with Google and hope to have something to announce soon.”

Meanwhile 3 UK said that it was …

“In talks with Google on ranging the Nexus One.”

O2 have already taken themselves out of the race stating that they have “no plans” and have even gone as far as warning people not the buy handsets which aren’t specifically configured for o2.

Update – We’ve been told by Orange that, “We of course are interested in any new handset on the market” .. so we’re assuming that they may be looking at the Nexus One too!

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