No Xperia X2 for Vodafone

No Xperia X2 for Vodafone Well, we were already starting to get nervous about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 when it got delayed but now things are starting to get much worse. The Windows Mobile handset promised much, but has so far not delivered. It’s predecessor – the X1 – was met with mixed reviews and many hoped that the X2 would mark a return to form. However we’re hearing from more and more people that the Sony Ericsson X2 has been de-ranged from the Vodafone line-up due to the ongoing delay.

MoDaCo have managed to get an official response from Sony Ericsson which states that the phone..

“…was exclusive to Vodafone in the UK, (but) no longer fits within their planned portfolio. The handset is available in other Sony Ericsson markets however. Sony Ericsson is disappointed not to make this phone available to consumers in the UK but in 2010 the company will offer a number of innovative, stand-out products in the market…”

We’re guessing that’ll be the Android-powered Xperia X10 that’s just around the corner.. humph..

Update – More detail from Vodafone themselves at Voda said, “The delivery date of the device, with Windows 6.5, slipped pre-Christmas due to a series of technical issues, and we have taken the decision not to go ahead with the launch as it no longer fits with our planned portfolio.”

Link – MoDaCo