Some minor site changes and a thank-you

Some minor site changes and a thank you We’ve removed the “retweet” buttons from our main page as they were slowing the site down somewhat. This is an unfortunate side-effect of pulling data from third-party servers constantly, but they’re still included in each news item if you click into it.

Also, we’ve added a new forum activity module on the right-side of the main page. This gives much more detail about what’s happening in the forum – the previous system didn’t show the replies, only new posts, which was a bit rubbish. Please feel free to add your comments and get involved in the forum, there’s some great people and friendly banter!

While I’m here, I’d also like to thank everyone for supporting the site and coming back time and time again. We are, however, seeing a surge of ad-blocking software and plugins. Whilst I appreciate why people choose to do this, it does impact the “impressions” we are able to give to advertisers, and that means we have to ask for donations to help towards server costs instead. If you’ve got an ad-blocker installed, please consider turning it off for our site, it really would mean a lot.

Oh, and Happy New Year for 2010! It’s our 8th year in operation and this should prove to be the most interesting yet