Hands-on and first impressions – The Nexus One

Hands on and first impressions   The Nexus One Those lucky people at engadget have got their hands on a Nexus One to test. Initital impressions appear to suggest that this isn’t the “iPhone killer” that many have quoted it to be. Despite the 1Ghz chip they state that..

“…it’s really not very different than the Droid in any substantial way. Yes, we’d say the design and feel of the phone is better (much better, in fact), and it’s definitely noticeably faster than Motorola’s offering, but it’s not so much faster that we felt like the doors were being blown off. It is very smooth, though we still noticed a little stuttery behavior (very slight, mind you) when moving between home pages.”

There’s a video and stacks of pictures to go through, with the official announcement being on Tuesday.

Link – engadget.com