Our picks from the January Sales

Our picks from the January Sales There’s a lot of deals in the January sales so we’ve had a look at the Windows Mobile and Android devices that have come down in price. The first is the G2 Touch (HTC Hero reviewed here) free on T-Mobile £25 per-month plans until Jan 31st. There’s a couple of things to remember on this one – firstly it’s a 24 month plan and secondly you’ll need to add £5 for unlimited internet. I couldn’t find the exact deal on their website but you should be able to see it on my pic, which was taken from the back of this weeks’ “Heat” magazine (thanks to my wife for that one!)

We’ve also been told that the Toshiba TG01 should be in the Orange Pay As You Go Sale. It was stated to be half-price at £199 although again it’s not showing on the Orange site as yet. However, many of you have stated that it’s actually reduced to £149 from the original on PAYG for £399.99 in ALL Orange stores nationwide! That’s a massive saving and, after upgrading this to Windows Mobile 6.5 it’s a very nice device with a 1Ghz processor inside.

The Motorola DEXT has also had a price-drop, down to £299.99 on PAYG, but again we couldn’t find the price online so you’ll probably need to get down to your local Orange store.

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Credit – Doug / “S” / Dan Carter