Motorola Milestone Reviewed

Motorola Milestone Reviewed We’ll have our Motorola Dext review online later today. It’s the European version of the Motorola Cliq – an Android handset with slide-out QWERTY. It’s bigger brother is the Motorola Droid – a handset which is being advertised heavily in the USA. Here in Europe it’s now available on eXpansys and you can combine it with a T-Mobile talk-plan to bring the cost down to £49.99.

Is it any good? have just published an in-depth 13-page review and it seems that the eXpansys unit lacks the funky MotoBLUR GUI that we’ve played with on the Dext. Eh? Why oh why?

Update – We’ve had it confirmed from eXpansys – the unit supplied from them DOES NOT include the MotoBLUR interface. I should just point out that this is the same for the Droid too!

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