WinMo in the US – the state of play

WinMo in the US   the state of play The USA is an incredibly different mobile market to that of Europe, however we just couldn’t ignore the figures that are coming out of comScore. Published on dev site it shows that the iPhone now has a greater market share than all Windows Mobile devices combined.

Just recently we’ve seen quite a few stats and surveys which seem to show that Windows Mobile remains quite strong, however there’s a definite change in the tide no matter how you look at things. Google already has quite a respectable foot-hold whilst RIM continues to dominate the American market.

According to the comScore numbers the iPhone has gone from just over 5 million active US users (Feb 2009) to nearly 9 million in October 2009. Google Android has doubled the amount of phones from 427,914 to just over a million whilst the Windows Mobile numbers have begun to flat-line.

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