Orange launch a new way to de-stress this Christmas

Orange launch a new way to de stress this Christmas Just yesterday I was browsing and thinking, “That’s a bit weird, but I guess I can understand why people would want it”. It’s basically a website that plays “mood sounds” – in this case rain and the odd crackle of thunder. There’s other sites out there, including one that’ll play birdsong at you. What, though, would you do if you wanted to de-stress and didn’t have the necessary MP3 on your phone? Well, don’t worry – Orange have come to your rescue with the “Dial-a-beach” service.

From your Orange mobile you can call 347 for free and select from either a woodland forest soundtrack, waves lapping on a beach, the hubbub of an English village green, the calming crackle of a log fire or some restful birdsong. If you’ve got free landline calls you can also dial in from other handsets on 0207 050 6888.

So, if you’re doing some stressful Christmas shopping you can always tune-out for a moment thanks to this service. Click on for the slightly mental Orange PR video. Personally I was a bit confused – I called in and forgot what was happening, then got stressed out thinking I was on hold for someone, so perhaps it’s not for everyone 😉

Link – Orange Newsroom