Motorola Backflip / Enzo Shots and specs

Motorola Backflip / Enzo Shots and specs have shots of the new Android-powered Motorola Enzo online. It’s also known as the “Motorola Backflip” and has no doubt received that name due to the way that the keyboard rotates round – it actually parks itself facing outwards as you’ll see in the picture below. Look, even the camera (and flash) are on the keyboard too.

The device looks a lot like the Dext / Cliq that we snapped last week but comes with that sneaky QWERTY keyboard packing large keys and a stonking great AT&T logo on the left. This also has a model number of “MB300” – the Dext has the model number “MB200”. Inside is the same 528Mhz Qualcomm chip, a 5 megapixel shooter, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Android 1.5 with the MotoBLUR interface.

There’s also shots of it running a Yahoo! search widget, which will no doubt have the Google Android staff spitting into their coffee.

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Credit – Jimmy T

Motorola Backflip / Enzo Shots and specs

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