Missing YouTube in your HD2 ?

Missing YouTube in your HD2 ? If there’s one thing that really annoys us it’s when something gets removed from a phone by an operator. We’ll review a handset – like the HTC HD2 for example – and then receive emails that a network operator version is different and lacks some of the stuff in the review. Not good.

A case in point is the T-Mobile version of the HD2, which hasn’t got the YouTube player. Why? Who knows, but Noel Griffiths has emailed in wondering why he can’t view any YouTube content, even in the Opera browser. Luckily there does appear to be a “workaround” in the form of an xda-developers CAB file (direct download here). Do let us know if this fixes things for you, and then join us in saying “NO” to operators who remove useful stuff from handsets.

Link – HD2 YouTube Fix
Credit – Noel Griffiths