HTC Begins to offer widgets via Android Market

HTC Begins to offer widgets via Android Market HTC have turned on their widget listings within the Android Market today. Four are listed so far and it shows just how far HTC have travelled – the hardware, the GUI and now extra software for the GUI and the OS itself.

Although these are fairly simple right now it’s always a big “want” of new HTC Sense users – they want extra plugins / widgets for their sexy new interface, so this marks a promising start and we’ll keep an eye on how things are developing.

By the way – I love the instructions on the “Dice” App. It states, “Tap the dice first, and simply shake (do not throw!)”, yeah – no chucking your phone about. Oh, and please ignore the comments in these apps that state “Doesn’t work on my phone” etc etc – these are Sense widgets, so you need to ADD them as widgets onto your Sense UI – don’t launch them direct as they won’t work!

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