Xperia X2 Delayed – X10 could overtake it

Xperia X2 Delayed   X10 could overtake it Remember the Xperia X1 ? It launched last year after a massive advertising campaign. It did reasonably well, although manufacturing delays did hamper things slightly. Now the Xperia X2 is all ready to go and Vodafone bagged the exclusive.

Today however it’s been revealed that the X2 won’t touch down until January, with the Vodafone website updated to reflect the delay. According to the software is being tweaked to extend battery life and fix other bugs. The Windows Mobile powered device was announced early in September with a Q4 launch date, but now looks set to arrive at the same time as the Android-powered X10, which is scheduled for a Q1 2010 launch. have the X10 showing as available on January 10th!

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Credit – Bobby F