Android 2.1 Outed in unofficial ROM. Looks stunning

Android 2.1 Outed in unofficial ROM. Looks stunning We’ve been tracking Windows Mobile for a good 7 years now and have kinda got used to seeing updates appearing every year or three, so when we began tracking Android it suddenly became much harder to follow the constant OS refreshes. Although Google Android isn’t about to knock the iPhone off it’s pedestal any time soon, it’s amazing to see updates popping up with such regularity – especially when you consider how many phones the Android OS runs on. Now, just as Google trademark the “Nexus One” name there’s already severe leakage of the “Google Phone” OS – Android 2.1. It’s now running unofficially on the Motorola Droid thanks to a bit of work by Screenshots have been grabbed by engadget here.

Just. Look. At. This. It’s just beautiful. This is exactly what the Google employees are playing with as we speak.

Update – A video of the Nexus One has now appeared on YouTube along with the packaging. You can see that it actually states “Welcome to Nexus One” on the boot screen – this bit was blurred out in earlier shots. Click on to watch..

Update – Blimey, things just get weirder by the hour. It was announced that this has been ported to the G1 too, although that particular ROM has been removed from and it now appears to be a fake. The pictures shown here (from the Droid) are still the real deal.

Update – Another video has appeared, courtesy of boys. This time there’s .. slightly more of the OS. Have a watch here or click on..

Update – Yet another video is now live showing the boot sequence…err…again. Check it below (courtesy of

Update – Another video, this time of the phone ringing, can be found below..

Update – Hmm.. Looks like is now off-line, along with all the videos that were uploaded and the Twitter account too. Perhaps they’ve annoyed someone at Google ?

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