Wherefore art thou HTC HD2 ?

Wherefore art thou HTC HD2 ? The HTC HD2 is still selling extremely well but we’re still not totally sure on the situation for Vodafone customers. We contacted HTC about the stock issues on Voda and they stated that all orders would be fulfilled with the handset still being available, however when we ran the story it soon disappeared from the Vodafone shop. Not just “Out of Stock” but completely removed.

Luckily it was still available in the Vodafone Business Shop but now it’s vanished from there too. Meanwhile, customers continue to post in the Vodafone forums about their problems in getting one and there’s now rumours swirling all over the place. Even weirder is the fact that despite launching the device three weeks ago the HD2 still isn’t showing over on the o2 website.

The HD2 is still available on devicewire.com (unlocked, no contract) and T-Mobile, but it looks like the hunt for the HD2 has just become even more difficult. Anyone got any tips ?

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