Google Phone – Things just got very interesting…

Google Phone   Things just got very interesting... Over the weekend the Google Phone news has pretty much exploded all over the web. There’s still some doubt whether this is just a test device aimed at Google employees or whether it’s aimed at a commercial launch in January. However, following earlier details it seems that engadget have now got even more shots of the device itself (which seems to be a variant of the HTC Bravo) with an interesting piece of paper hiding a new Google logo / brand on the back – it’s actually a QR code.

The speed that Android is developing is simply shocking. This new device is said to feature 3D page transitions, more homescreens and a preview of homescreen pages at the bottom. More interesting stuff includes the fact that this is running on T-Mobile in the preview shots and comes with all the latest Google products such as Google Goggles and Google Navigation, plus a support page is mentioned pointing to – this alone could mean that this device is aimed at consumers.

Update – The Nexus One isn’t that big either as you can see from this shot (via, posted by Raige)

Update 2 – Google is trying to shuffle this under the carpet fairly quickly and, whilst rumours continue and the device appears on the FCC, it’s stating that it’s for internal testing. Indeed it could be – why not use one of the latest, greatest bits of HTC kit for developing your own platform eh?

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Google Phone   Things just got very interesting...