Unlocked Android handsets to choose from

Unlocked Android handsets to choose from Our good friends at devicewire.com now have the HTC Hero back in stock. It’s available in a range of colours – white, pink and brown. It costs £359.99 for the pink and brown one or £349.99 for the white one. All phones are supplied totally unlocked and without any network contract strings.

Meanwhile, over at expansys they’ve now got stock of the Motorola Milestone (the European version of the Droid) in stock after it initially sold out in just 3 hours. You can grab the Milestone SIM free for £449.99 or, when bundled with bundled with a £35-per-month, 18-month T-Mobile plan it’s £49.99.

Links – Motorola Milestone (expansys)HTC Hero (devicewire)