HTC HD2 Review – Online!

HTC HD2 Review   Online! Our review of the HTC HD2 is now finally online. It’s taken some time to get this one done due to the original review being accidentally deleted when I upgraded to Windows 7. As usual there’s up-close images, stacks of video, example shots from the camera and screen-grabs. We actually went completely overboard with the screenshots, and ended up sticking a load of extra images here.

The HD2 is, without doubt, the best Windows Mobile handset out there. Powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 and with a 1Ghz CPU under the hood it absolutely flies along, plus there’s every specification you could ever need. HTC have yet again lifted the OS to a completely different level with the addition of their HTC Sense interface. Have a read of the whole article on the link below.

Link – HTC HD2 Review