LG eXpo gets the hands-on treatment

LG eXpo gets the hands on treatment We mentioned the upcoming LG eXpo just the other day and now phonescoop.com already have their mucky paws all over it 😉 Even after removing the rather bulbous projector it’s still a bit of a chunky monkey but does have a sliding QWERTY keyboard as you can see here.

The LG eXpo also has a fingerprint sensor for extra security which also doubles as a D-pad for navigating around. A resistive touch-screen displays a relatively untouched build of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the optional projector seems to work rather well, although you’ll probably want to remove it for day-to-day use.

Click on for more info and further pictures. The eXpo will be arriving in the USA on AT&T soon.

Link – phonescoop.com