HTC HD2 Camera issues?

HTC HD2 Camera issues? Noticed a pink splodge on your HTC HD2 pictures? This xda-devs post probably shows it best – there’s a feint pink “hue” to the centre of the image. Some have assumed this to be white balance, with people aiming their HD2 camera at the nearest light-bulb to try and reset it.

The issue has now got slightly confused, with some people getting emails from HTC confirming a hardware issue, whilst others don’t seem to have any issue at all. Most people with the newer ROM (ROM 1.43.488.1 (70124)) don’t seem to have any issue either.

Update – It now seems that this is in fact a software issue and is fixable. Something to do with the white balance. Again I’ve found that it’s fixed by aiming the camera at a bright light.

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Credit – Terry Dayton