Office Mobile 2010 Beta now available

Office Mobile 2010 Beta now available Head across to the Marketplace right now to grab the very latest incarnation of Office Mobile – 2010. It’s a Beta though, and will expire on April 5th next year, if you’ve installed Office Mobile after the phone was purchased then these installations will be removed.

Grab it now from this link. If you need to get the Marketplace and you have 6.0 or 6.1, just grab that here.

Update – I’m lucky enough to be out in the USA right now and it looks like the beta is only available in the US market right now. We’ll keep you updated. Try choosing “United States – English” from the “Catalog” link on the bottom right of Marketplace. Perhaps the biggest problem is that it’s only available for 6.5 🙁

Link – Office Mobile 2010 BetaPress Release