Windows Mobile 7 status update – Q3 2010?

Windows Mobile 7 status update   Q3 2010? It’s fair to say that Windows Mobile is on the defensive right now. There’s hot Android handsets appearing literally everywhere and manufacturers that Microsoft battled to gain are suddenly jumping ship to Android. The HTC HD2 has suddenly become the device that’s carrying the hopes and dreams of Windows Mobile, but it’s not due to Microsoft – it’s due to the massive work HTC have done on the software-side.

Today it’s emerged that Windows Mobile 7 will arrive to OEMs for testing in Q1 next yet, with customers set to receive it in Q3. The OS won’t replace 6.5 though, it’ll instead run alongside the existing OS. To many though, this is seen as a make-or-break release, with HTC handsets and HTC coding being the only thing seeing the existing 6.5 OS through the next few months.

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