Samung Omnia Pro B7330 on Orange Business

Samung Omnia Pro B7330 on Orange Business The Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 is now available to buy on Orange. The QWERTY messaging phone also has a new business homescreen which was designed by Orange to give quick access to voicemail, email, calendar and customer information. The new homescreen will also let you prioritise certain apps and create VIP’s within the contacts list. Anthony Keyworth, Director of Business Products at Orange UK, stated ..

“The Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 is a strong addition to our business signature range of devices and as a WM6.5 device, it not only provides a step up in customer experience but also provides the perfect platform to showcase the Orange business homepage and a range of multimedia business applications.”

The Omnia Pro B7330 features a 320×320 pixel screen, 3G+ / HSDPA and WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, microSD expansion and more besides.

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