HTC HD2 – Get your questions in – quick!

HTC HD2   Get your questions in   quick! We had a bit of a laugh showing you the HTC HD2 dummy unit last week but, after T-Mobile started showing it off on their site, we noticed a small puddle of drool on the floor that needed mopping up. Luckily we’ve now managed to secure a HTC HD2 for just 48 hours. It’ll arrive on Wednesday but we need to be really quick on this one for obvious reasons.

Whilst a full review may be out of the question we’ll be answering as many questions as possible from the forum post, emails and from Twitter. If you’re using Twitter but haven’t added us yet, please do, we love big numbers – it makes us feel all warm inside. 🙂

Video, pics and your questions coming soon, but be quick sharp! 🙂