HD2 Now on T-Mobile website – Coming soon

HD2 Now on T Mobile website   Coming soon Oh ! Check it out ! The HTC HD2 has now appeared on the T-Mobile site as “coming soon”. We told you a month ago that the Windows Mobile super-phone was coming to the network, and this will no doubt get added to Christmas lists far and wide.

You know the deal by now, this is a fantastic device in every way possible and you can keep updated about availability by clicking the link. There’s a number of problems with the “Coming Soon” link though. First, they’re calling it the “HTC Touch HD2”. Secondly they’re showing a picture of the original HTC HD, thirdly they’re listing it as having “Android Market”… (shakes head in disbelief) and the screen specs are all wrong. Good grief. Click on for the “details”.

Either way, still want. End of.

Update – There’s a much better description here (thanks BeerMonster65)

Link – T-Mobile.co.uk

HD2 Now on T Mobile website   Coming soon