In detail – Android 2.0 on the Moto DROID

In detail   Android 2.0 on the Moto DROID
The Moto DROID received it’s official annoucement today and, tucked away in the press release, there’s news that it’ll be the first phone to use Android 2.0 (Eclair). The new features include ..

– Multiple accounts can be added to a device for email and contact synchronization, including Exchange accounts.

– Quick Contact provides instant access to a contact’s information and communication modes. For example, a user can tap a contact photo and select to call, SMS, or email the person.

Wait, did someone say multiple Exchange accounts? If we’ve read that right then that’s pretty big! There’s also new API’s, built-in flash support (on the camera), macro focus, an improved virtual keyboard for easier typing at speed and a smarter dictionary. Oh, and Adroid 2.0 also includes a better browser, improved calendar and a whole lot more. Click on for a quick video showing you what’s new.

Link – Android 2.0 Platform Highlights