Toshiba TG01 – Getting one?

Toshiba TG01   Getting one? We reviewed the Toshiba TG01 some time ago. With a hugely fast 1Ghz CPU and large 4.1″ W-VGA screen it’s selling here on the Orange network. The provided Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and lack of customization did concern us a little but we’re now hearing that the handset was dropped in price to increase sales. It was first reduced to “free” on £25 per-month plans (it was originally only free on £39.15 per-month plans) and now Daniel Cunningham is telling us that it’s becoming even more difficult to get this phone.

We’re still seeing it on the Orange shop, but do let us know if you’ve heard more and don’t forget that there’s now a 6.5 update available to make this a bit more finger friendly!

Rick has emailed in to tell us that initially (with 6.1) the TG01 wasn’t too user friendly but, after flashing WM6.5 it’s now a completely different phone…

“WM6.5 addresses most useability problems and it’s now fun to use. Great video performance, net use and the built in speaker is surprisingly good. Get one while you can.”

Link – Toshiba TG01 (