Sony Ericsson going Android on November 3rd

Sony Ericsson going Android on November 3rd Sony Ericsson. They’ve been doing some Windows Mobile magic of late with the Xperia X2 and the original X1. There has, however, been an ever-rising pile of evidence pointing to a change of direction for Sony Ericsson. That direction? Android.

Now Sony Ericsson have splatted this page online which points to an annoncement on November 3rd of something which may “cross the line between extraordinary and the magical”. There’s a link below which points to a URL mentioning “Rachel” – a new Android user interface from Sony Ericsson which will form part of the handset we’ve come to know as the Xperia X3 …. or perhaps another handset entirely. Either way, at the time of typing the special link doesn’t do much..

The move by Sony Ericsson from Windows Mobile to Android will mirror that of Motorola and no doubt they’re at least putting the brakes on the announcement until the X2 goes into shops properly.

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