Site changes – thanks for your comments

Site changes   thanks for your comments A few days ago I asked which direction we should be heading in. You guys are the backbone of Coolsmartphone, so it made sense to ask what the best way forward was. I’ve had bags of emails, Tweets, comments and forum posts on this and I want to thank you for taking the time to let me know.

There’s a lot of work to be done still, but we’ve now added two new sections. The main site here at will feature news from both Android and Windows Mobile plus anything in-between, whilst over at and you can get the OS-specific news. We’ll be tweaking this further in the coming days, and you can find links to them on the main site navigation bar, however we’ve updated and fixed all the RSS feeds with a specific Android and WinMo feeds. Just click on the RSS feed logo on the top-right to access those.

More tweaks will be added in the coming days. While I’m here I’d like to ask for your donations. The costs of running the site (especially in this climate) are paid for the most part by advertising, but if you feel that we’ve made a difference, please click the button below..