Windows Mobile 6.5.1 continues to evolve

Windows Mobile 6.5.1 continues to evolve With so much news and expectation surrounding Windows Mobile 7 it’s easy to forget the continuing improvements that seem ro be happening to Windows Mobile 6.5. Yet more shots have appeared, this time from, and they show a slightly more finger-friendly alarm system plus a new colourful contacts interface.

These are welcome changes, especially after our disappointment at seeing the same old clock / alarm / ringtone interface in 6.5. It does make us wonder though – which handsets will be getting these update 6.5.1 tweaks, and when? Also, with all the leaks and continuing work on 6.5 after it’s release, does this mean a bigger delay to 7? Either way, the Windows Mobile team are clearly very busy and working hard to update everything.

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