I need your advice on something..

I need your advice on something.. OK people, I need your help with something. Since we started covering Android alongside our WinMo coverage things have got a bit cramped. I’m currently working on a switcher so you can flick between “Android” news or “WinMo” news but, to make things easier, I had an idea.

We’ve got iphonebang.com and the guys over there are doing a great job. Do you want something similar for Android news? A new site? Or a subdomain like android.coolsmartphone.com ? As always it’s you guys that I want to please, but I think we’re the only site out there covering both WinMo and Android – I’m concious that we’re either annoying Android owners with the WinMo news or annoying WinMo owners with all the WinMo news. It’s a tough call.

Thoughts? Tweet me, email me or post in the forum on the link below. Go on, it’s only me and a can of lager. Do it. 🙂