New Windows Phone ad pokes fun at the iPhone

New Windows Phone ad pokes fun at the iPhone We’ve been following the recent Microsoft adverts on TV. It’s nice to see Windows Mobile / Windows Phones being advertised by Microsoft, even if we’re a bit dubious about that “Twitter” logo running around – where’s the on-board client for that? This new one pokes fun at the endless “rubbish” apps on the iPhone.

The ad is actually quite humorous, but personally I’m a bit confused. Both Android (with the Moto Droid commercial) and Microsoft are now firing directly at the iPhone. Ammo isn’t a problem for Google Android – their phones have the “Market” with bucket-loads of apps. I’m of the belief that Microsoft need to work harder. Sure, they may not have the “pointless farting apps” but at the same time the Microsoft Marketplace and Windows Mobile still has a lot of catching up to do. Sure, attack the competition, but do it when you’ve got some grenades.

Link – Microsoft Apps Lab