HTC HD2 – The wait continues.. :(

HTC HD2   The wait continues.. :( It’s been at least a day or two since we ran our last story about the ooomazin’ HTC HD2 so here’s the current state of play. First we were told it’d arrive on October 12th, then we were told that it’d be October 19th. Now, two days later, it looks like no-one has got their hands on one (apart from Stephen Fry perhaps).

HTC and are sticking to the November 11th release date now but there’s constant rumours of a slightly earlier release date on T-Mobile. Meanwhile, over in the o2 forums there’s 40 pages of posts from people trying to get one of these very hot WinMo phones.

We’re still offering a free beer to anyone that can get us a review unit to borrow, but as yet there’s no takers. 🙁

Update – More emails are coming in stating that the HD2 is coming into T-Mobile stock on November 5th, with customer availability the next day.

Update 2 – Check out the video below. Multi-touch IE is here too !

Links – devicewire.como2 forums