No HTC HD2 on Orange guys, sorry

No HTC HD2 on Orange guys, sorry Bum. It looks like Orange won’t be ranging the HTC HD2. We’re hearing rumours that T-Mo and Vodafone will, and we know that o2 definitely are, so that only really left Orange and “3”. Of course “3” haven’t gone near an Android device and it’s been a long, long while since they touched Windows Mobile.

Orange confirmed that they won’t be ranging the HTC HD2 via a Tweet sent from Orange main man Conor Maples and he’s just pinged us to confirm. Still, they do have a very good range of handsets including WinMo handsets like the Touch 3G, Toshiba TG01 and Touch Pro2 plus Android handsets like the Hero and Tattoo.

Credit – Nick Butcher

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