Smartphones continue to thrive in the recession

Smartphones continue to thrive in the recession If you’re sitting down to do some lunch-time browsing I’d heartily recommend this BBC news story. It covers the recession and how it’s affecting mobile phone sales. Whilst many “mid-range” handsets are being hit by the world credit problems, smartphones are on the rise. The news item details all the major players and points out the improvements that Microsoft have tried to make with Windows Mobile.

The continual success of the iPhone is highlighted, but it does single out one player who is “emerging as the iPhone’s most dangerous rival”…

“With astonishing speed Google not only developed a smartphone operating system, dubbed Android, but also found many handset makers (LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola) willing to use the software.”

Have a read of the full article on the link below and do let us know your thoughts.

Link – BBC News