HTC HD2 Video. Want.

HTC HD2 Video. Want. We’re running out of ways to say just how excited we are about the HTC HD2. It’s brimming with specs and has a large but slender frame. It’s also the first ever Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone) with the HTC Sense experience. There’s a 800×480 multi-touch capacitive screen and a 1Ghz CPU pushing the thing along at a rate of knots.

Engadget got their hands on the device and have posted a couple of videos to show it in action. Click on to see them.

Whilst we’ve been pretty critical of Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC (and many other manufacturers) are successfully tucking it away in the background and making their handsets sing. This really is shaping up to be one very hot phone.

Link – HTC HD2 Video