T-Mobile G2 Touch / Hero – Still no update!!

T Mobile G2 Touch / Hero   Still no update!! Right, just to bring you up to speed. The HTC Hero. It’s an Android handset with the HTC Sense experience. Last month it had an update to take it from “brilliant” to “super-brilliant”. HTC unlocked handsets got their update on September 15th and then Orange customers got their fix just 5 days later. T-Mobile, who sell the device under the name “G2 Touch”, haven’t rolled their update yet and customers have gone from annoyed to disgusted and now to complete anger.

There’s rumours that the update MAY appear tomorrow, but the goal-posts have moved so many times now we think a whole new pitch is needed.

Update – Goal-posts moved again. See below..

Link – T-Mobile Forum
Credit – TheNewShaft

According to this post made by T-Mobile moderator “Barry”…

“A big thank you to you all for your patience and continued use of our forums as well as all the feedback were getting.

The latest update is that we are waiting for Google to sign off and HTC to finalise the build so that we can make the software available this week. We have updated our customer services agents accordingly as many of you have mentioned the inconsistency with the information you are receiving from different T-Mobile support channels.

We will update you again tomorrow with all the latest”

So, looks like tomorrow is out of the window too.