G2 Touch customers finally getting their update today?

G2 Touch customers finally getting their update today? The HTC Hero. It’s great, but recently an update appeared to make it even greater (I’m declaring that a word). It’s been available for generic Hero devices since September 15th and for Orange customers since September 20th. But what of those T-Mobile G2 Touch customers? There’s still no sign of the update.

Just to slightly confuse things T-Mo decided to call the Hero the “G2 Touch” on their network but this isn’t what’s making people angry. Coolsmartphone veteran “TheNewShaft” tells us that the support forum over at T-Mobile is now like a river of anger and fury (Ghostbusters 2 reference, thanks man). The thread itself is now a whacking 67 pages long and increasing all the time. The latest post from T-Mobile says that the update has been “signed off” and will be available “by close of business on Friday 2nd October”. Hmm, whaddyaknow, that’s today. Stay tuned T-Mo G2 Touch customers!

Link – G2 Touch Support Forum Thread
Credit – TheNewShaft