Car mobile ban in US too?

Car mobile ban in US too? I’m not perfect. I’ll admit that the phone has distracted me whilst driving in the past. Sometimes a text arrives and you may try to at least see who it’s from. Here in the UK it’s illegal to physically use the phone, so more people have Bluetooth kits and voice-dialling to allow complete hands-free dialling and conversation.

Many other countries don’t have such laws, and let’s not forget the row the law caused here when it was introduced. In the USA it looks like things may be about to change too, with President Obama spending the next two days looking at ways to reduce the use of mobiles whilst driving. In America last year a shocking 6,000 people were killed and more than half a million were injured in crashes connected with driver distraction. Some of these distractions weren’t mobile-related, with smoking, painting finger-nails and checking make-up being part of the problem. Using a mobile phone is already illegal in some US states, but it may become a law across the US very soon.

Link – Yahoo News