HTC Leo / HD2 in o2 Catalogues – Snapped

HTC Leo / HD2 in o2 Catalogues   Snapped It’s fairly safe to say that o2 are probably a little upset to lose the iPhone exclusive. They’re now looking around for powerful handsets to bulk up their range and they already have the exclusive on the Pre. Today there’s the concrete proof that the all-conquering HTC Leo (gotta love those specs) will be the HTC HD2 and it is coming to o2. Not only that but it’s not going to be an “XDA” of any sorts. That’s, like, so yesterday man.

This shot is from the October copy of the in-store catalogue which you may find lurking around in the back of your local o2 store.

o2 aren’t saying anything about this as yet, so we’re off to our local o2 store to see..

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