The Project Pink Phones seen at last

The Project Pink Phones seen at last We’ve been told several times that Microsoft Pink doesn’t exist. We’ve also been told even more times that an Microsoft “own branded phone” doesn’t exist. Well, the latter is partially true, there won’t be a phone “built by” Microsoft but it may have the branding. Today there are some serious leaks about the “Project Pink” devices. These two phones, called “Turtle” and “Pure” are, as far as we’re aware, made by Sharp. The devices are a result of the Danger acquisition back in early 2008 and, following earlier leaked documents, there’s now full rendered images from

Aimed squarely at the “youth” market they’re distant cousins of the original Sidekick but with elements of the Zune HD and XBox. This isn’t Windows Mobile but it will have Microsoft coding at heart. From the looks of both devices it looks like Microsoft are fishing for the iPhone market, with quick slide-out QWERTY / T9 entry and funky designs. If we were to guess, it seems that the success HTC are experiencing with Android in the “consumer space” is a big “want” by Microsoft, and they’re prepared to stick another “Mobile” variant into the mix alongside 6.5 and 7 reach their goal.

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The Project Pink Phones seen at last
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