HTC Hero Update – Now for Orange customers too

HTC Hero Update   Now for Orange customers too If you own a HTC Hero then you’ll no doubt have heard of the new updated ROM which gives a smoother, faster response and extra features. The down side is that, until now, it was only available to those buying the phone directly from HTC. For those buying or upgrading to the HTC Hero on network then the advice was to wait until the “network specific” update became available.

From experience, we’re used to seeing upgraded ROM’s appear on network websites, usually tucked away in some deep corner of the support section. This time there’s a bit of a surprise – the HTC Hero update for Orange customers is slap bang in the middle of the HTC website. At last – are we getting to a stage where all updates are in one place, no matter where you bought your phone from? Hopefully so. As for you T-Mobile G2 Touch customers, well we feel your pain but we’ll let you know when that one appears.

Link – HTC Hero Update for Orange Customers (
Credit – Abu Khalifa