Microsoft clarifies the Marketplace remote kill

Microsoft clarifies the Marketplace remote kill With many competitors already doing great business from their application stores Microsoft have recently discussed the inner-workings of their own “Marketplace”. The Microsoft app store will be on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices launching on October 6th and some time after for 6.0 and 6.1 owners. A remote “kill switch” will be implemented which can, if needed, remotely wipe any instance of an app or game which “exhibits harmful behavior or unforeseen effects” on your phone.

We’re assuming that Microsoft won’t be using this often and Microsoft have also confirmed that an app rejection won’t instantly mean a remote uninstall either. Similar features are available in the iPhone and Google Android phones, and it’s kinda good to know that potentially damaging applications can be removed by Microsoft before they turn your spanky new phone into a brick.

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