Windows Mobile 7 to immerse you in social networks

Windows Mobile 7 to immerse you in social networks With Windows Mobile 6.5 still not (quite) available there’s yet more detail on the next version – Windows Mobile 7. According to Micorosoft job adverts there’s a heavy shift towards integrating social networking into version 7. The ad states that..

“The Windows Mobile 7 Communications group is building experiences on the phone that present your content – friends, pictures, messages, events – to you in immersive and engaging ways. Our vision is to bring social networks to life by integrating them into the core experience of the phone. For example imagine seeing all the newsfeeds from all the networks you care about in a single hub on the phone. Or imagine the phone instantly telling you what your friend is doing and where he is when you get a call from him.”

Yes, yes, we know this should’ve been implemented a long while back, and the competition (like the Google-powered Hero) can already do all this here in 2009, but it does at least show that Microsoft is concerned about the competition and are on a mission to fight back with a new “Mobile Social Platform”.

Link – Microsoft Job Ad
Via – MobileTechWorld (Thanks ccsnet)