T-Mo G2 Touch and Orange Hero updates – when?

T Mo G2 Touch and Orange Hero updates   when? So, the new HTC Hero update is out and the world is now a happier place.. isn’t it ? Well no, of course not. This update is only for “direct from HTC” phones, so if you bought your handset from Orange or from T-Mobile (as the G2 Touch) then you’ll have to just sit and wait.

The delay is due to slightly tweaked software versions and internal testing, but that’s not something you want to hear when fellow HTC Hero owners are pointing and laughing at you, is it? This is probably why network forums are now filled with people asking, “When is it going to be available for me?” The T-Mobile people say that it’s being tested and that they will have “more details over the next week”. We’re also waiting to hear on the situation from Orange.

Link – T-Mobile Support
Credit – T3.com